Sunday, June 25, 2006

The New New Media

Rank: 23 Kevin Rose (Digg) and Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia)
Why They Matter? Old media is all about reinforcing the importance of the institution as the editorial filter. The new new media is all about the importance of the reader as the editorial filter. Tens of millions of users can create a collaborative intelligence that's far smarter than any one editor could ever hope to be. But the right technology is key -- and that's where Rose and Wales made their mark. Rose created a news aggregator where readers submit articles for consideration and "vote" on which stories should receive prominent placement; the readers' picks automatically create Digg's ever-changing front page. Wales's Wikipedia is user-researched and user-edited, combining timeliness, breadth, and accuracy in a way that traditional encyclopedias simply can't match. Taken together, they symbolize the revolution that's taking place in the way that news and information will be compiled in the years ahead.

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