Thursday, January 25, 2007

Schemalogic and MOSS 2007

The SchemaLogic Enterprise Suite for Microsoft SharePoint 2007 enables companies to develop and manage a common, enterprise-wide vocabulary that describes the corporate information assets stored across multiple SharePoint sites. This enterprise-wide vocabulary is published across all SharePoint sites delivering enhanced information integrity, consistent information access, and effective governance across the enterprise. The SchemaLogic solution can further be used to synchronize semantics across SharePoint and other enterprise systems, such as Enterprise Content Management and search systems, providing easy integration of content and a consistent search experience. Advantages:

  • Access information with increased relevance and consistency
  • Ensure corporate and regulatory compliance across the entire SharePoint environment
  • Enable subject matter experts to collaborate and build common semantics across the enterprise
  • Manage and publish semantic standards across SharePoint and other enterprise systems
  • Create and centrally manage SharePoint content types, site columns and value lists
  • Leverage controlled schemas, vocabulary lists, taxonomies, thesauri, and ontologies across the enterprise


  1. Wow, it's amazing how secret, stealth and under the radar development projects get out on the wire. Very cool. Where did you get those screenshots?

  2. Uhm, from schemalogic's website.