Monday, February 12, 2007

Missing: a web2.0 addressbook

Tim O'Reilly's Radar, a must read as far as I'm concerned, came up with an interesting write-up. He echoes what a colleague and I were thinking last week when working on a project in the UK:

What really needs to be done is not just to connect the various social networks that do exist in internet network-of-networks style, but also to social-network enable our real social network apps: our IM, our email, our phone. Where, I keep asking vendors, is the Web 2.0 address book?
When one of the big communications vendors (email, IM OR phone) gets this right, simply by instrumenting our communications so that the social network becomes visible (and under the control of the user), it seems to me that they could blow away a lot of the existing social network froth. That being said, when I've had this conversation with Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn, he's pointed out that he's well aware of that possibility, and has been working for years to layer additional value on top of the raw social network data. And he's very right about that.
Tim's Radar caught this on Jon Udell's blog.

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  1. Not entirely, but still... This might be something you were looking for.

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