Tuesday, November 28, 2006

World Map as means to depict statistics

Compare the following 4 maps: worldmap, container ports, nuclear power and aircraft flights. Land area Land area The total land area of these 200 territories is 13,056 million hectares. Divided up equally that would be 2.1 hectares for each person. A hectare is 100 metres by 100 metres. Container ports Container ports There are more shipping containers loaded and unloaded off the coasts and rivers of China, than travel to or from all other territories put together. Nuclear power Nuclear power European territories dominate the list of the top ten producers of nuclear electricity. In 2005, Sweden was in top place, and France second position, in terms of power generated per person living there. Aircraft flights Aircraft flights If the total distance flown by all aircraft passengers was divided equally between eveyone living in the world, we would each fly 317 kilometres a year. In fact some people fly thousands of kilometres a year, whilst others have never been in an aeroplane. As seen on WorldMapper.

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