Monday, April 30, 2007

Have your own wonder room...

A modern wonder room is an option. From March 2004 until August 2005 the Museum of Communication in The Hague exhibited a modern style wonder room. The room was built by Koert van Mensvoort (lecturer at 't Sandberg Instituut) in collaboration with Studio VollaersZwart.

"It's wonderfull that we can recognise, understand and explain al the images we see, it's even more wonderfull to realise that these images are just a small amount of all the images we know. The wonder is not the room, it's the visual capability of a human being. The real wonder room is inside of our head."
The last sentence reminds me of a presentation I once saw in Coronado, a peninsula in the bay of San Diego. In a fabulous hotel actually, the Hotel Del Coronado. Dr. Ben Carson MD was part of a conference about leadership. He just told us about his professional life as a neurosurgueon. A world renowned neurosurgeon. He told us about working on the cutting edge, under enourmous pressure, making critical decisions with hardly any time to think. One of the most impressive presentations I saw in the last 10 years. He said, at some point during his presentation, that if we were able to stimulate the right part of the brain, we would be able to remember everything we ever saw, heard, tasted, smelled, felt... I never realised that. Did you?

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