Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Slip streaming

Using the drag a race car creates can be used by the racer following that car to overtake. This phenomena is called slip streaming or drafting. When the following car has the ideal distance to the car followed the drag can even generate an amount of suction due to underpressure. Nowadays communities of taggers and bloggers on the web use a similar phenomena to their advantage or to the advantage of their readers (resp.). If an expert in a certain domain tags URLs (using tools) his fellows can benefit from his expert opinion by re-using his collection of tags. When a mixed group of domain experts share their tags a body of knowledge is build. The same goes for publishing selected blog feed items on a blog. E.g. Google Reader allows its users to 'share' the items they select by publishing them in a webpart of their blog, thereby catering their readers with quality content. In the grapevine of information architects the notion "Tag drafting" is already used for slipstreaming tags.


  1. hmm...a cross post to my original piece on tag drafting (april 2nd) would be a good courtesy.


  2. Sorry about that Sean, I usually do.

  3. I'm glad the idea has caught on...I blogged the topic again yesterday here: