Friday, February 17, 2006

Affordable red wine as a "vin de table pour tous les jours"

AOC COTES du FRONTONNAIS Located at 25km from Toulouse between the Tarn and the Garonne rivers, on a gravely and dry soil. The multiple planted grape varieties confer to this wine an elegant character: Négrette:50%, Malbec:30%, Syrah:10%, Cabernet franc:10%. The CHATEAU MARGUERITE should be served just below room temperature along with meats and cheese. Kept in an ageing cellar, it could age 2 or 3 years. This Fronton costs less than 4 Euros and goes very well with southern European tomato/herbs de Provence or Italian tomato/basilicum dishes. The Négrette grape gives the Fronton wines their distinguising flavour. By the way, the mentioning of 'serve at room temperature' doesn't mean the temperature of your average heated room. It refers to room temperature a century ago, the saying just never changed, room temperatures did! 18° Celcius is usually good for red wines. At higher temperatures wines tend to get quite an alcoholic nose, which is obviously not favourable.

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