Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Quaero, the sequel

Upon closer inspection Quaero seems to have a website of its own www.quaero.org. Due to a rather large amount of interest after Chirac's speech, the site temporarily closed down. Currently it redirects to the site of dfag, a site mentioning french/german-economical collaboration. Furthermore, Quaero seems to have taken its first hit: Deutsche Telekom has changed its position in the project, they want to remain a member a observing member though according to silicon.de and SudDeutsche Zeitung on 27-01-06. An important commercial member leaving at the very start doesn't sound like a good thing, does it? The French seem to have made a prestige project out of it, they want to speed it up at all costs. The Germans want to take smaller steps. Main reason for speeding up is the lack of search engine knowledge in Europe, compared to the US. Is that actually true? Do we lack that kind of knowledge since Google was not a European idea? To my opinion the degree of proficiency regarding multimedia retrieval in Europe is quite high! Just take a look at projects like: MultiMedian, Birth of TV, DigiCult, The European Library, ISLA, Físchlár TV, HMI, Image & Video processing group, ... just to name a few.

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