Sunday, February 19, 2006

Getting published rocks!

Although it's kind of an ego-thing, getting published makes me feel good. Not trying to be too full of myself, I'm sharing the publication of an interview with my yet unknown readers. The interview took place in Octobre 2005 by a freelance publicist for a magazine called Intellectueel Kapitaal (Intellectual Capital)magazine, IKmagazine in short, the dutch 'Ik' meaning 'I or me' in english. The targeted reader group of the magazine is the group of professionals working in the information and knowledge management sector. The interview discusses a project at the dutch Ministry of Transportation, Public Works and Water Management of The Netherlands. Several project members are given the opportunity to tell about their part in the project. I've been involved in the project for about 1 year and designed a taxonomy for navigation purposes on their intranet (information and knowledge sharing space). Furthermore I benchmark tested their search engine and facilitated various working groups who brought together the content for the taxonomy. A coincidence is that the consultant who designed the taxonomy for the internet is my former colleague and roommate who happens to have started his own business. This makes the article even more worthy to archive in my own library! The magazine The ministry The former roommate's company Me

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